5 Reasons Why Home Care Is for You

Back in June a few of our carers were nice enough to spend an afternoon telling us about working at Netherclay Home Care. The video is all finished now and we’re so pleased with the end result.

The staff did a fantastic job saying what the job is like and why they like working at Netherclay Home Care.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t use all the footage. But we wish we could have. Everyone said such nice things and it was hard to edit down a few hours of footage into a three-minute video. When we make other videos, we might use some sections of interview that we couldn’t include here.

Thanks again to Kim, Rose, John, Diane, Clara and Natasha for being so chatty, photogenic and patient. Thank you Deb C for putting up with us on a Sunday  – and starring in the video – and Deb J for letting me film training. Off camera, Trish and Liz made all this happen.

Twin Fox Media filmed and edited the video.

If anyone else wants to star in future videos, let us know. There are more in the pipeline.