Longer Visits, Great Training and Support, and a Excellent Pay Conditions and Bonuses

We are now recruiting. We are looking for carers for Taunton, Wellington, Bridgwater and the Devon/Somerset border.

Although experience in the care sector is an advantage, it is not essential – we are looking for kind, considerate and caring people to join our team. Whether you are new to the profession, or an experienced carer, Netherclay Home Care can help you on your journey.

Why join NHC?

In order to deliver the level of care that meets our core values, we rebalanced our service. We decided to concentrate on the quality of the service we deliver.

What does this mean in practice?

Our change of direction benefits our customers and you, our carers.

We have increased our pay rates and we now pay you at full pay for travel time. We have further improved our training and support. And we also now promote 45-minute rather than 30-minute visits.

Let’s look at each of these improvements in more detail.

1. Longer Visits

45-minute visits mean that you will not be rushed to deliver care. You have time to be with the client rather than just doing a job and leaving in a hurry. You also have the time to get from one client to another without rushing or clipping time from your visits.

In short, this schedule allows for a more thorough, personalised model of care.

This personalised model is made possible by a smooth transition from our Care Lead to the core staff. Our Care Lead, Fran, opens the care package and delivers the first few visits before she hands over to a core team of carers. This care planning allows for small teams of carers to support each client and ensures that travel time is kept to a minimum.

Working in this way you will have regular clients and be able to build up good relationships with them.

2. Support and Training

Longer visits allow for a better quality of care, but training and support is key to ensure you feel confident in your role and standards remain high.

This is where NHC shines.

We have been serving the community for almost 25 years. We have drawn on this experience to develop our induction and ongoing training.

Our training and support for you starts with a full and comprehensive paid induction programme – as well as working with our in-house trainer Deb, you will undertake a two-week period of orientation and collaborative learning in the community. During this time you will meet our clients and move from observing good practice whilst shadowing a mentor to providing care independently.

We offer ongoing training and, even when it is not mandatory, you are encouraged to take full advantage of the courses we run. (You even get paid for doing so!) We offer training to Diploma levels 2, 3, 4 & 5 and certified courses provided by our in-house nurse trainer and external training provider.

Other than training, you are also supported in several key ways: you are supervised and mentored by nurses, experienced care workers and coordinators from your very first day and we have also developed a system of peer support.

Investors in People have acknowledged the quality of our training, support and supervision and have recognised NHC five times in a row – in 2002, 2005, 2008, 2011 and in 2015.

3. New rates

On top of great working conditions and training, we pay well.

To acknowledge the sacrifices care workers make when they work less social hours, we have restructured our  pay rates. Our new hourly pay ranges from £8.25 to £11.90 per hour.

We also pay travel time at full pay and reimburse for mileage.

All our staff get smart phones and there is the option of a company car for those on a full-time contract.

Because we are expanding  into new postcodes, and need more carers to service these areas, we are running an offer: for a limited time we are giving a £500 signing on bonus.

Opportunities for bonuses don’t end there, though. If you have a friend who is interested in working for us too, you can claim a £250 finders’ fee. (Terms and conditions apply.)

To find out more you can talk with our staff. Email us at info@nhcareltd.co.uk or call on 01823 668400. Or just pop in to the office and say hello. We are friendly.

Alternatively, if you’ve heard enough, fill out an online application form!