The Cost of Live-in Care

The cost of live-in care varies depending on your needs. Our banding table below offers guidance.

  Tasks Included     Band 1   Band 2   Band 3   Band 4
Freshly Prepared meals, nutrition and fluid monitoring    
Escorting to appointments  
Washing, dressing and undressing    
Oral and dental hygiene    
Moderate personal care (bathing)    
Basic continence management (reminders)    
Catheter/stoma care      
Medication management      
Hoisting/stand aid        
Dementia/memory loss        
PEG feeding        
High dependency        
End of life care        
  Cost     £800   £893   £955   £998

Naturally, meeting your individual needs is the most important thing – so our arrangements are flexible and can be adjusted to suit your requirements.

Please note, carers are available during any day for a maximum of 10 hours. If a client’s dependency gets to the point where they consistently exceed this, we would have to start looking at 24-hour care packages. If a carer is woken during the night on a regular basis, there is also ‘waking night’ remuneration which is detailed in our client agreement.

You should also allow for the carer’s a food allowance of £30 a week and WiFi and a television must be made available in a carer’s bedroom.

Call our office on 01823 668400 or email us at and we will be able to tell you more about live-in care.